June 16, 2019

Bank Loan with Loan for Bank Account

We set up its credit management expiry for individuals in debt distress, late payment and filed as contentious credits at the National Bank in Belgium. Our mission is to evaluate their borrowing capacity so that they can once again reach credit, from the sources of loans in the recovery and refinancing of credits in litigation.Good Finance gives solutions to people in litigation stuck in the Bank Nationale of Belgique and prohibited banking.

You thought it was impossible to find a credit agency for anyone?

You thought it was impossible to find a credit agency for anyone?

Be proves the opposite thanks to its open loan to litigation. nYou are not mistaken, to present to arrears of payment or to be the object of a report with the file of the Central of Credits to individuals to the National Bank in Belgium, against a brake to the obtaining of a new credit. However, it is not unrealistic to find a personal credit agency. As a broker, at Good Credit, we are authorized to offer you this type of loan, whether you have a long-term registration, or that is current and recent.

In order to offer you a new financial start, built on healthy foundations, to invest in a project for the future and provider of income, but above all to turn the page of your past worries, choose the resumption of credits to the origin of your file,

Credit organization for a person in charge of a search engine Credit institution for a person?

But, do you already know how long this nature of payment will be registered at the National Bank in Belgium? you can find a personal credit agency and benefit, under certain conditions, taking money again, despite your account creation at the National Bank in Belgium .

But are you still registered? How long do you appear there? As part of the normal course of a loan, your addresses are erased three months and eight days after your last refund. once a payment incident occurs, they can be kept for up to 10 years. However, if regularization occurs, with an update of loan maturities, this period is often limited to a single year. To be more informed, all you have to do is contact the bank during opening hours.

Banks and lenders have the legal requirement

Banks and lenders have the legal requirement

To register each of your credits with the National Bank in a file called the ‘central credits’. However, the listing at the National Bank in Belgium is called ‘negative’ when it occurs due to significant delays in one or more credit (s). These records are intended to secure the consumer against the risk of over-indebtedness. Unfortunately, the so-called ‘harmful’ file that still appears at the National Bank in Belgium means that it will generally not be possible to take advantage of a new credit.

If you are registered with the National Bank in Belgium, any request for credit made at Proxi Finances will be analyzed differently according to the following cases: The credit has been regularized (that is to say compensated): the file is still a year (after the date of repayment of the credit) at the central bank National Bank. However, in certain cases, Proxi Finances will be able to process the file and send it to its partners. 

The credit has not been regularized (ie refunded) and you are OWNER: there are solutions of centralization of debts with mortgage registration. Are you registered and owner? Apply for a loan in case of registration (for owners only).

When a person has failed to repay their installments

When a person has failed to repay their installments

They are registered in the National Register of Personal Loan Repayments. The FICP file is managed by the Banque de France and supplied by credit institutions and over-indebtedness commissions. It is then more difficult to proceed to a credit recovery as soon as your name appears in this file.

The cautious use of web sites Lets us see in this place some alternative solutions to get credit when one is banked Banque de France. The credit outside France in lignin As a citizen member of the European Union, you have the right to take out a loan in one of the member countries, without the foreign banking institutions having access to the files. It is, therefore, easier for you to negotiate. However, be careful. Indeed, the rules are not always the same as on the French territory. Find out about the veracity of potential prepayment penalties.

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